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All clothes being worn by a person that was sprayed by a skunk and all clothes worn by people helping clean the skunk spray. If a skunk sprayed your dog or its odor wafted into your home, here's how to manage smell removal. Skunk scent remover shampoo: 32 ounces hydrogen peroxide 1/4 cup baking soda 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid. The other night a skunk was walking by my AC/Heating unit and I guess it kicked on and scared it... well it ATTACKED my unit... it sits out side on the ground and well now everytime it kicks on the house smells like skunk.... the other day I tried airing out the house cause it was GROSS!!! Change out your air conditioner and heater filters before and after you treat the rest of your home for skunk odor. ive had this happen 3 times. If clothing or other items have been heavily sprayed by the skunk, you may want to simply discard them, as the fabric can hold skunk odor for a very long time. Many times, it is the dog or cat who is a victim of skunk spray. Placing an ozone bulb within the air conditioner can work to sterilize and freshen the air passing through it. She claimed that her house reeked of the smell of skunk. • A skunk simply sprayed the outdoors near your house, and the smell seeped in through the HVAC system or … The only way to remedy this is by changing out your air … Skunk sprays outside and the window AC sucks it up and blows it inside. This includes shoes, hats, and underwear. Helping Pets Get Rid of the Odor. I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and the smell is killing me !!! My god is it THE worst way to wake up. Many fluids are used within your HVAC system that could result in an assortment of chemical odors with system malfunction, making prompt attention advisable. I have been saving this because we've been smelling skunk in the neighborhood lately and I'm sure one day one of my dogs will find it! that is purported to work much better at getting rid of the smell of skunk. It's worth a try. Skunks are known to spray under houses — generally wherever their nests are located. The skunk smell can cling to these filters, and as a result, you may end up smelling skunk through your air vents for months. On the other hand, if it is your pet that has been sprayed by a skunk and brought the smell into your home then make a mix of 4 cups of peroxide, ½-1 cup of baking soda, and a couple of tablespoons of dish soap. Indoors If people or pets come into the house before being de-skunked, you may find that the smell lingers in the air. The smell may get stuck in the air filter or conditioner and keep lingering around the house. The skunk spray around a unit usually means a skunk is present in or under your home, and the opening where it is going in and out is by your air conditioner unit. The most common call we receive is “Skunks sprayed the air conditioner unit”. In most cases though, this indicates larger problems than just a skunk outside that happened to spray. While still on the phone with her, I stepped outside and began sniffing the air. You could probably spray a little of this in the air too. The recipe calls for one. • A skunk sprayed in the crawl space for any number of reasons. Once skunk spray gets within an air conditioner, it can work to perpetually spread the odor throughout the house for days and weeks following the incident. I need to kow what to do !!!!! Wash your pet in this at least once or twice until the smell is mostly gone. If you threw those clothes into a dirty laundry basket, all the clothes and the basket will need to go outside too. Skunk spray on pets and other things. I went to work an hour early cuz i couldnt stand it anymore and had nowhere else to go... Yea the smell inside the air is stagnant - need to open windows and air it out or run the furnace to circualte it out. If your air conditioner smells like paint thinner, formaldehyde or other chemicals, it’s always better being safe than sorry. The pet brings home the skunk odor along in the house. So changing the filter will reduce the circulation of the smell and remove skunk odor from house.

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