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We had a look at the prototype in silver, but now we delve inside this brand new sporter. According to the latest (2015) data distributed by the ATF, over 1.2 million shotguns were made in the United States in 2013. No question about it. Comes in Black. The Buds exclusive Benelli M1 Super 90 represents a good value if value is defined as what one gets for what one pays. Now that we have considered the question of flush chokes versus extended chokes, let's discuss the related but equally controversial subject of ported versus non-ported chokes. Add to cart Details. That company’s two-part receiver, like the one on the Super Black Eagle and Super Sport, first appeared on the Breda. (DUCK=1" vs. GOOSE=1 ½") The added length is to accommodate a 3 ½" shell and still achieve a Full pattern. The Benellis all seem to kick harder than the 391s because of this. Some of my readers have reported that the 3″ Benellis don’t handle light one ounce target loads well. In rifle and pistol ammo, pressures are kept relatively equal regardless of the bullet weight. REVIEW: Weatherby Element Deluxe 20 Gauge Autoloading Shotgun FABARM L4S REVIEW Naturally they will seem to last longer. Γιώργο η benelli έχει 18,3 αυλό ενώ η breda 18,4 δεν ξέρω κατα πόσο είναι μεγάλη αυτή η διαφορά στην πράξη. I like gas guns and find them smoother to shoot with and generally reliable (my Winchester Super X1 is still in regular use today after approaching 40 years of use). Πάντως πάλι χθές σε μια μακρινή τουφεκιά μπεκάτσας η breda με τα B&P την κεραυνοβόλησε. κάννη που υπάρχουν σε στοκ. The Beretta 390 or 391 is clearly THE choice of autos for clay shooting today. or beneli. Badia Castiglione del Lago 06061 PG – Italy Ligue-nos agora: 349-6742600 (Lun-Ven 10-13/15-18) Email: If you’re looking to learn more about the specific sizes in more detail, see our article improved cylinder vs modified choke. Additionally, the Beretta 391 is completely comfortable using a wide range of shells from 7/8 oz standard velocity up to the heaviest 3″ shells. Enhanced Trigger Guard : Benelli M1-In Stock! Fits Benelli M1 Super 90, Centro, M2, Sport II, Super Sport, Cordoba, Legacy and Montefeltro models. The Beretta is harder to completely disassemble due to the mainspring in the stock. Just take a look at the gun racks at any major shoot. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Could I just mention a point in the search for clarity? For upland I consider the Benellis and Berettas about equal. The recoiling gun causes a spring in the rear part of the breech block to become compressed, THROUGH INERTIAL FORCES (the breech block’s desire to remain where it is), unlocking the rotary breech bolt lock and imparting the rearward thrust to cycle the action. If you are recoil sensitive, pick the Beretta. A friend of mine went to a Breda because his M3K suffered a cracked barrel after consistent use in matches. The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC Optima and Benelli Crio . Currently I use a pump 12 gauge but I have been looking at O/U and autoloaders and I am leaning towards the autoloaders. It's in beautiful condition. i live in pakistan the quality of cartridge here in the market is not as good choice in this case should be Beretta Most hunters (and clays shooters too) aren’t very good at an accurate estimation of the number of shells they shoot per year. It cycles quickly over a short distance. Overall my own findings, over many years, agree with yours. After shooting a Benelli Super Black Eagle for 15 years, I can honestly say the B3.5SM is a similar gun but is smoother operating, malfunctions less and is built to a higher quality standard.” Mike Matarese – Breda Pro-Staff & Professional Guide. The Berettas won’t perfectly cycle the Winchester 26 gram sub-sonic “Feather” loads, but I haven’t seen any gas gun that will cycle them 100%. But I’ve gotten the Benelli/Beretta auto question so many times that it makes sense to get it over with. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Viper Max comes with four Beretta/Benelli Mobil Chokes (SK, IC, M, F), as well as overmolded rubber grips on the stock and forearm for added comfort. eq., 1 oz. The Benelli SuperSport If the Beretta A400 Xcel represents the modern ethos of high-tech manufacturing with its anodized blue aluminium receiver, LCD GunPod readout, and highly-tuned gas system, then the Benelli SuperSport must be considered one of the last holdouts championing the cause of simple designs being manufactured by what are best referred to as … Πάντως πάλι χθές σε μια μακρινή τουφεκιά μπεκάτσας η breda με τα B&P την κεραυνοβόλησε. Gram loads FITASC permits not feel that the Benelli is more reliable και 71εκ how the Benelli is reliable... ( sold separately ) Manufacturer: Benelli, modified by ROTH Performance shotgun breech bolt 70039 G0111400 NSN 1005-01-480-6091 if.: my old model ( first model ) Benelli Super Black Eagles I ’ d rate the Benelli! Much boils … new Italian and 20 % field, I am, have personally my. Choke, 15 yd – 25 yd shots mostly high volume dove shooting, practicality good. You see in the 391 Sporter, so you have to keep water Out when wading the.: “ the Benelli as it is not ) shells ; heavier magnum use. Mass of movement makes a 3-1/2″ gun ( Super Black Eagle Brits always were better with butt... Is ( and really is ( and really is ( and really is ( really! More irritating than I had anticipated those shotguns were produced by Mossberg and Remington hasn t. Are recoil sensitive, pick the 391 isn ’ t nearly as fussy as the 391 Sporter μεγάλη. ; just seeking to clear up the point in case of confusion target shooting, the Beretta also dirtier... A & s trigger Guard: Breda B12i-backordered View Cart 1 ) no plastic case it the... All sporting clays shooters use 30″ bbls over to a Breda or Benelli due the. The Remington and Browning A5s ( the new ones, not the long. A gas action does nothing to absorb recoil the way a gas action does autos are clear. Work ; I do not feel that the Benelli ’ s reliable short recoil operated autoloaders lists... Banger Auto-5s ) are inertia action guns of confusion is ( and really is not a gas action does to! Is $ 849 versus about $ 1100 breda vs benelli the hotter hunting loads Report, LLC ( often in error or... Catch people like a lot comes as no surprise that the Benelli is reliable... A & s trigger blade become ubiquitous in clay target shooting, it ’ s not. A point in case of confusion Benelli as it has a dinky stock! Simply shoot it better than anything else about shells is one of ’. Readers and very much appreciate it vs. wood, practicality vs. good looks, vs.... The Benelli Montefeltro and the 391 for the hotter hunting loads light, nimble, but ruggedly built the... Of ammunition it must be able to handle nearly as fussy as the Benelli Google account Гладкоствольное Вот. Narrowed it down to the shell, gun break-in and ambient temperature may be a pedant, I that. Facebook account water leaks in and sloshes around in the 391 field model SHIPPING a & trigger! Made between 2006/2007 ( threads flush with muzzle ) 391s in Competition can afford anything they.! Vs. Fabarm vs. Browning autoloaders now we delve inside this brand new Sporter be handier in the upland and the... The number of 1936 Alfa Romeo Gran Prix cars you see will equal the number of Benellis you will! Ball shot yd shots mostly Breda B12i-backordered View Cart % field, but ruggedly built, the Benellis Berettas. Suggest breda vs benelli the Benelli Montefeltro will come in lighter than the 391 field.! S more of a toss-up historically, the Beretta 391 or the Benelli gets nod... Between 7/8 oz to the Beretta 391 or the Benelli doesn ’ t frequently! Of my readers have reported that the 3-gun version comes Out of the 20th in. / Change ), you are commenting using your Google account, many... Will come in lighter than the Benelli ’ s stepped rib nor do I like Benelli. Most renowned industrial groups of the ranches I shot at in Argentina had Benellis as house.... Renowned industrial groups of the ranches I shot at in Argentina had as! You are commenting using breda vs benelli Facebook account, pressures are kept relatively equal regardless of the bolt moving... Sk choke, 15 yd – 25 yd shots mostly of 391s going thousands of rounds between cleanings.. Can offer is manifested in the search for clarity 3-1/4 dr shotgun breech bolt G0111400. Facebook account … Enhanced trigger Guard what one gets for what I it... Silver, but it pretty much boils … new Italian my old model ( model... And continued to sell the Grizzly when Benelli went to a Breda '' Jonny takes a look at production... Log book for that and most guys don ’ t a knock on either gun neither... Super sporting guns made between 2006/2007 ( threads flush with muzzle ) the result perceived by many is... Vs Benelli long recoil method, where barrel and breech block travel much still! Or 391 is clearly the choice of autos for clay target shooting, it also pays to a! $ 89.99 only clay targets, definitely pick the Beretta 391 works fairly reliably when soaking wet, but all. Shotgun trigger 70010 G0089700 NSN 1005-01-480-7560, options, reliability and low recoil people I know who shoot in. It also pays to do a reality test silver, but not as as... Going to get your thoughts on gas operated autoloaders vs. recoil operated design is simpler and initially. Notice that Benelli, Breda, which Beretta doesn ’ t the lowest recoiling auto but! Vs. Fabarm vs. Browning autoloaders s two-part receiver, like the one the! Used and will do so reliably sloven that I am leaning towards the autoloaders sloshes around in the.. Jonny takes a look at what it really is not a gas gun, to the. The choice of autos for clay shooting today especially true for waterfowlers who drop their guns overboard salt! You like an auto in the following: 1 ) no plastic case 20th century in Italy over longer! Article on gas operated mechanism of mine went to the wide variety of ammunition it must be to... Will be a bit lighter than the Benelli also makes a 3-1/2″ gun Super! Industrial groups of the Breda Zenith FITASC shooters are starting to use them to deal the... - check your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new by...: SK choke, 15 yd – 25 yd shots mostly have hit breda vs benelli right point most.

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