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Rub it all over the areas between and under your breasts where you notice the funky smell. After a hot day when I get home my bra smells like vinegar so does my under breast. 3 Apply Summer’s Eve Powder. Odor can occur on anyone, in any place where skin folds together to make a pocket, like the underarms, under the breasts and in between belly rolls. S weating is a normal thing and everyone experiences it, actually this is the process of removing toxins from the body through the sweat glands. Itching under the breast fold. So here I am pleading … 11/11/2017 19:04 Subject: Re:Boobs (and/or sweat?) My friends who are alsolarge chested go through that. Intertrigo is a red, raw-looking rash that develops in the folds of the skin. Some people describe it as a bad vinegar smell. There are many other diseases that can produce similar symptoms. In this article, learn about its causes, appearance, and treatment options. The Mayo Clinic has a good explanation for why stress does actually make us sweat in a specific way that can increase body odor. It can be indicative of a medical issue. For a few years now I have had a vinegar smell from underneath my breast...very annoying! Amber. The lemon will cut through the smell within a minute or two. Usually it's the result of odor-causing bacteria that naturally live on our skin and mix with sweat. Get a lemon and cut it in half. smell like vinegar . Apple Cider Vinegar. ... You can stop excessive sweating between your breasts by using any deodorizing talc and wearing soft and breathable clothing. Does your sweat smell like vinegar? No rash, no itching no signs of yeast in the dark creases or under Breast area. This odor isn't usually caused by poor hygiene, although it can be. Apply Summer’s Eve Powder to the affected area to keep it dry. Answer Save. Going on over a year now, I shower sometimes twice a day which gives me really dry skin, scrub myself raw till I realized that doesn't accomplish squat. Sweat that has a strange odor, however, is much more than a cosmetic problem. Anonymous: How far along are you? 1. why does under breast sweat smell like vinegar. Bras that extend down toward the abs can also promote sweating," Dr. Hazen says. A vinegary, acidic smell could be caused by various external factors and by some health issues. Eccrine glands excrete the sweat we use to cool down, which is mostly water. Yes, if left untreated, yeast infections under the breasts can give off a foul odor. Problem solved. A red rash on the skin due to inflammation and fungal activity. "Often, sports bras are too thick, which can lead to excess under-breast sweating. So here we want to review the causes of sweat smell like vinegar and how to treat it. You're Under Stress. Does a yeast infection under the breast smell? It is important to see a doctor to diagnose the rash on breast area first before treatment. 1 … An unusually bad smell from the area. Relevance. I asked my regular doctor (army doctor) and he just looked at me puzzled and told me he had no clue. The problem is much more common than most people believe it to be. It turns out that we actually have two different types of sweat glands, the ecrrine and the apocrine. 6 Answers. However, if sweat is smelly or different from people’s sweat habits, there is usually something wrong with someone’s health.

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