smitten kitchen carrot cake

— for a birthday party, for a new friend who had a miscarriage, for a lunch with my boyfriend’s parents and for my one and only American friend here who requested carrot cake as something “American”. Actually, carrot-haters gobble this up whenever I bring these to church. she said, “i didn’t think so either.”, I never post comments, but these were so good ALLERGIC. Thankfully I trusted my instincts and found your amazing frosting recipe instead. If you decide to use coconut or olive oils it will have some subtle flavor differences, but most oils should be fine. I made this in layer cake form for Easter dinner today and it was a hit! Looking forward to your cookbook! Super, super moist and super, super tasty! xxxx. This recipe is amazing. I made it exactly as written, except I baked it in 2 layers instead of 3 (roughly 25 minute baking time) and I had leftover cream cheese frosting from a different recipe. I haven’t read other comments, so this may be a repeat. I’ve already given your pre-order several times as a gift!! I was dubious as to the amount of sugar in this recipe, with the biscuits too, but it really works. Delicious cake with the perfect crumb. (: I very much want to try this recipe. But you need to check any restrictions at your end, as there is no refund if stopped at the border. I’ve added maple syrup to cream cheese frosting before and had trouble keeping the frosting pipable (is that even a word?) more flour and about a 1/4 t. of baking powder. I filled 2/3 full and at the half way point thought they looked like a great height. Its true that they are pretty foolproof. 75 grams maple syrup. You rock!! i made the cake with THREE layers— to die for!!! Awesome recipe! (I always have a hard time measuring them – lightly or firmly pressed into the cup?). I’d estimate a 1/2 cup matzo cake meal replacement on each layer — that is, for the 1/4 cup graham AND the 1/3 cup flour for each layer. I did not have a lot of luck grating the carrots by hand so I ended up with very chunky food-processed pieces. A little play on words/photo for us? Such a delicious cake! :). I followed the recipe exactly, with three thin layers, and it made a substantial cake that would easily serve 10 people. Regardless, I’m glad the cake was a hit. And the frosting!!! I could use one right about now! Can I substitute baby food carrots? <3 I can't wait to incorporate it into future celebrations. In a large bowl, whisk together flour, graham crumbs, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. They should freeze fine. I frosted the sides because there was no way I would be able to replicate this level of precision in my icing, but I did toast some walnuts and grind them up to sprinkle across the whole top of the cake. ), I made these last night and they were *fabulous* I added orange zest and orange juice to the batter and used chopped pecans instead of walnuts… Absolutely moist and delicious. I haven’t tested it but think it could work. I think I’ll have to try them out. :(. Hi Deb! This was, believe it or not, my very first attempt at a layered cake. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. Yesterday I made broccoli melts, zucchini with toasted almonds, and whole-lemon bars. Bought gf grahams and pulverized in food processor. I just made carrot cake too, but I love your idea of adding the graham cracker crumbs – so delish! Do you happen to have the recipe in grams? Have you ever tried making it without eggs? I think MadeleineC means that her grating blade makes cylinders of carrot, but cut in half [like a tin can cut from top to bottom]. It was glorious. If it’s just a carrot puree, I might use them in place of applesauce here. I have made this cake every year for the last three years for my bf’s, now fiance’s birthday because carrot cake is his favorite. It makes for a super moist carrot and I like to think it adds more carrot flavor. Love the dollops. I have just started (I think I have two views). It shouldn’t be an issue. We don’t eat canola oil. 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder Thanks! I followed the recipe almost exactly, the only thing I did differently was that I subtracted about 2 T oil from the 1 1/4 cup. I use 3/4 cup of melted brown butter and 1/4 cup of oil…the rest the same. Made 1.5 times the recipe so used a little over 4 cups of carrots. Unlikely to make it to day 3. Thanks for your advice! Big hits both times! And now in carrot cake! The maple cream cheese frosting didn’t taste anything like maple to me, which made me sad. Very bad form. Especially as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is approaching. My daughter loves it. Want to try a making Graham Carrot Cake for my wife’s birthday. I made this last night and my layers came out very thin. First I made it as a 9″ double layer, then cupcakes and tonight I’ll be doing a 6″. Well, it was a hit. I don’t have three of any one size but will indulge in another to make up a set of three of whichever size you recommend for this recipe. Also, if I wanted to make this a sheet layer cake (like your airplane cake, the recipe you provided not the giant one) so it is big enough for a modest party, would you recommend simply doubling the recipe? Repeat with remaining layers and let the cake layers cool completely before filling. All three got rave reviews. If using melted butter instead of the oil, would it be the same amount including the 3 tbsp’s? Tiny grammar note: if you have three pans you divide the batter among them; you can divide it between only if there are only two. I made it as an 8inch layer cake baking the layers for 34 minutes. Thank you for the recipe, I must really try it out although I’m not so skilled in baking :). I love the idea of combining them with carrot cake. The only problem was that the batter in the middle was a tad undercooked (not cake-like and a little wet), eventhough I had them in the oven for 20minutes… I still don’t know what went wrong coz I followed the recipe exactly.. Sighs. Absolutely the best carrot cake we’ve had. I made this as the recipe calls for with two exceptions: I had to use about 1/2 cup of turbinado sugar since I ran out of white and I baked in two 8×8 pans. I love the visuals of layer cake but never want to fuss in my own daily life. I know the description of this said each layer would be a half-inch think, but I was shocked to see how thin each layer actually was (mine actually ended up about 1/2 inch thick, unlike the photos). In fact, I was told I was being selfish by limiting everyone to just one. I made candy carrot sprinkles and mixed them with chopped candied ginger and sprinkled it on the top. Here are my results: It’s a little more autumney than traditional carrot cake, but still good. Thank you!! Thanks for responding, Deb! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Anyways, thank you so much for another show stopping recipe! The sugar and oil probably separated during this time and I didn’t mix enough to bring it back together. I puree my carrots in my blender with a bit of the oil, and it works like a charm. We love maple syrup here in Canada! A common mistake I used to do is by measuring ingredients by eye. Danielle, I would think finely grating anywhere from 1 tsp – 1 Tbsp of ginger along with the carrots (depending how much you like ginger) would work fine. Love your recipes! Dare I??? And voila, it works fine with coarsely grated.) :) I love carrot cake and wish I could come help you eat this one. I also have sever cans of carrots that need to get used up. my baking soda is little old, could that be culprit? I might try this recipe and replace the grahams with our snaps. Or…. As a carrot cake devotee, I’ve got to try this! Redid it & no regrets. I used the smallest size on my box grater and it was worth the clenched hand at the end. I made one double batch for the base and one single batch for the smaller top layer. I love carrot cake, and she adores carrots so I feel good about this. Looks beautiful, Deb! Gabrielle, Madeline, I concur about the food processor grating blade – I have a Black & Decker brand and I think I threw out the grating blade because it just made “rods” not thin shavings. To buy carrots, round up, i.e. A lady brought these to work over the holiday weekend and I couldn’t stop thinking about these until I made my own batch! So my second pan I filled a touch more than half. But it’s really good as is. Nice!! I have only once had a recipe fail me from your smitten kitchen and that was more of a preference thing rather than a bade recipe. Eight years ago: Arugula Ravioli, And for the other side of the world: Plus, on a rack, it’s better at cooling because cool air will be underneath it too. My frosting was a little soft even after chilling. (thx for that:) We loved it! Plus, there are so many other spices and flavors here…. About the only add-ins I ever like in my baked goods are chocolate ones. Also, I read somewhere that mixing the sugar and carrot together 20mins before making the cake makes the carrot flavour more prominent – it certainly drew a lot amazing tasting liquid out of the carrot. Any suggestions? This carrot cake changed my life. It was mothers day and I wanted to try a new recipe and my whole family loved it. Should I stack them on different levels or place the two pans side by side? No substitutions. Steve. I made this cake for Easter and it’s awesome! Sadly I’ve never seen that food is possible to be shipped here, not from amazon at least. I’ll be making it again for Easter dinner, this time maybe in the form of a large carrot, or with a big orange frosting carrot on top. Thank you. The cakes are so darn cute. Any suggestions to substitute maple syrup? deb always love your recipes! I’m so accustomed to dense, heavy carrot cake– this recipe was a humongous surprise! Thank you again for a recipe I will use and pass down to my kids. We had people toddling off to the kitchen before dinner to get a peek at dessert. It was absolutely delicious and enjoyed in less than a day by many happy eaters. I made a half batch of these today and they were perfect! The default sugar in almost all American baking recipes is granulated. Hi Akila — I really don’t get into restaurant recommendations because what I like and what other people like may not be the same. I made this tonight and it was a kick ass, amazing cupcake. I’ll give it a whirl! You are really a great baker and I’ll continue to pop in to check out your recipes. Do you think I can freeze the cupcakes to be frosted later? We are having a large seder and this looks like it could be a hit and easier than most cakes. This was soo soo good!!! I’m really thinking of trying this with graham flour…I’ll report back! This looks so wonderful. i just made these for the second time and they are so delicious! I made your chocolate wafer icebox cupcakes for his birthday last year and everyone raved about them. This is easier than using the grating attachment (can process all at once rather than feeding the sticks down the tube one by one), and you get the finer carrot pieces which Deb recommends. Best carrot cake recipe ever. Grating the carrots was indeed a lot of work, but it really paid off. Whisk in eggs 1 at a time. We’re a family of cake makers so it’s hard to please us but this cake was a big hit! I was lazy and didn’t use parchment in the pan, just butter so the cake stuck a little. This also gives me an excuse to top up our supply of the fancy maple syrup…. I made these muffins today and was a little disappointed because they weren’t that vibrant orange!! Just curious, can this be made without the maple syrup? Just made this tonight for my mom’s 54th birthday! It grated them very finely with fairly minimal effort. I made this for Easter and it was phenomenal. Thank you for creating such a wonderful recipe! We check out great places from time to time, but in no way make a science of getting to them and I don’t really analyze the meals–I just enjoy them. I love these! I think it’s even better day 2. with coco powder? I keep thinking about it. finally i can make my husband a birthday cake he enjoys. Thanks Deb! I even did what you suggested… baking 2 in the 2 pans I have & then finishing the 3rd after cleaning out one of the pans. Am going to experiment with pureeing said canned carrots to make 3C and see what happens. I’m wondering if you might have weight measurements? I was expecting it to be that amazing light orange color as in the pictures above, but it’s golden brown. Seeking the Smitten Kitchen Carrot Cake? I added fresh ginger (a piece a little larger than my thumb) to the batter, which was divine. As a kid, we ate them spread with leftover icing. Would it work to replace the cream cheese with goat cheese, or would that be too tangy? Love your blog! Hi! As always, the cake was spectacular. :-)? Carrot cake makes me so happy. I grated my carrots with larger grater so the color was not as orangey as Deb’s but no matter.. the addictive frosting took care of that. I came across this recipe for my niece’s upcoming wedding. I also added some extra ginger and cardamom, and meyer lemon zest and juice in the frosting. Jessica, JP — I of course haven’t tried tripling this, but I have tripled other cakes without a lot of trouble. What size pans do you have? Everyone loved them. The maple cream cheese frosting is delicious and a bonus too! crushed pineapple and it was so sinfully good.Everyone loved it and I will definitely make it again. I had none so used 2 teaspoons vanilla instead. I made this as a 9×13 sheet cake. Thanks for the recipe. Then I discovered the Salad Shooter. For the icing (or frosting–I think the choice of word is due to geography! Is 8 ounce the total weight of the 2 packages, or the weight of one package so total = 16 oz? 2 cups (240 grams) powdered sugar, sifted if lumpy I made Bourbon cream cheese frosting instead(since I also made a red velvet cake and used the same frosting). It’s the perfect celebration cake!! I read that as “carrot cake with nipple-cream frosting.” And then I saw the pictures, and I thought, “Well, they do kinda look like nipples…” then I reread the title. I made this for my husband’s birthday today (cake version). Now they told me it’s not celiac but an allergy to gluten. The cake and icing were delicious. Two (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened [Note: This recipe got fresh photos in 2019 and it’s a very good thing.] Originally out of Southern Living (I think) it is similar to a Carrot Cake, but made with bananas and pineapple – perfect for a toddler. Super, fabulous taste! I am a long-time lurker but have tried many of your recipes already! Or would just keeping them in the fridge be just fine? Thanks for sharing. Finally, I think this site — and by this site, I mean my belly — has been long overdue for a really great carrot layer cake. Hi Deb- They were great. Got any ideas how to make a kosher for passover version? I placed the the two squares side by side, knowing the joint would be invisible under the FABULOUS cream cheese frosting. I made this cake and tried the cupcake way twice but even filling the papes 1/2 of the way the batter rises over the papers and spills all over the place! This recipe delivered for sure. Trying to plan for 1-year old birthday party and get things done in advance. Actually, to make it even easier, you can half-freeze the cake layer before cutting it, so you’re cutting something semi-solid that can easily be lifted. Wow… what an awesome cake!!! Stir in the zucchini. Great for parties. It turned out fabulously, and I had more than enough frosting to do all the decorations. I will definitely be making these again. Wow! Both good substitutions! Carrot Cake is my most favorite cake recipe. Made these cupcakes last week and I have to say they were delicious!! (Will make the frosting later so I haven’t tasted it yet). So good. Any other source? Even Cooking Light recipes retain some butter or oil. Thank you for sharing. I always take your amazing recipes and make them vegan for my husband – but when they call for more than 2 eggs, I run into some problems. However, like most carrot cakes it’s just a bit too oily for my taste– I think if I were to make it again I would reduce the oil to 3/4 cup or use melted butter instead for a less cloyingly moist texture. Those carrot cake cupcakes look so delicious. Gorgeous cake, that I’m sure I’ll bake soon. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the linzers. Cannot wait for your cookbook! Let cake chill until serving. Hello! Moist & fluffy homemade Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting will become your new favourite recipe! When I first made it as a two-layer cake it was absolutely perfect (in fact my husband now wants no other cake for any occasion). so I just kind of dripped it over the top. They taste entirely different, sweeter, and, well, they fall off in your tea right away, and usually all over your clothes and the comfy chair you are sitting in in order to savour dipping the crackers in your tea. (That’s what I usually use.) I keep trying to convince my son to let me do one of these for his birthday, but all he wants is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and I’ve apparently reached that age where I no longer have the energy to make clever cakes for my own birthday, as I once did. Many thanks! Yes, baking recipes always have to be adjusted for high-altitude. It stayed amazingly, deliciously moist! I like the cake, but I don’t think I would like it as much without the frosting. Miraculously, all methods work. Thank you so much. Did you use some sort of collar around the layers to spread the frosting against so it is so flat and neat? Unbelievably rich, moist, and flavorful. huge success!! I only added 1 1/2 cups of sugar, skipped the ginger and nutmeg (due to considerations for the recipient’s taste buds – I live in China and Chinese people seem to not really like warming spices or desserts that are too sweet), added some vanilla, and they’re delicious. By the way, are you sure that the grams of butter in the frosting are 125? I haven’t tested baking at any altitudes because I live at sea level, but there are resources online. The cakes were a little crumbly, so if you try this, handle with care, and maybe flash freeze the cake layers before frosting. The Biscoff flavor was very subtle, next time I make it I might add some Biscoff butter to the batter, or maybe to the frosting, so that the flavor comes through more. A note on the amount of frosting: I found it to be *just* the right amount to frost a 2-layer cake fairly generously (1/4-inch thick?). Lastly, I used baby carrot food instead of the grated. Hi, I made some bread today and I think I’ll have to try your beautiful carrot cake. I upped the baking powder ever so slightly to compensate. Whole family loved it. This made a beautiful, classic carrot cake with a lovely, soft texture– perfect for my Easter lunch this year! Help! Next time I would substitute some oil with applesauce like the other commentors suggested because the cupcake liners were soaked through with oil. I made this as a layer cake and it was so easy yet looked and tasted delicious! Light and fragrant and beautiful! Perfect. I added 8 oz. I omitted the ginger because I was out of it, but they were still delicious. Will definitely make this again as it was so easy to make. Now I know what to do with the 10lbs of carrots I just bought for $1.97! Oh also, it’s mothers day here, and as my mom sat in front of the TV with cake in hand and coffee in the other, she said Bake each layer for 15 to 18 minutes, until a tester comes out clean. I thought the maple was too sweet! Has a lovely gingery taste. It shreds very fine – I think the food processor comes with a 4mm, so these are twice as thin and it’s a piece of cake. They were a huge hit and I will keep this one tucked up my sleeve! Thanks! There are a bunch of resources online about adjusting recipes to your altitude that can help. No, I do not. i love the Maple Cream Cheese frosting! Pour batter evenly between three prepared baking pans. Thanks! It will continue to cook after you pull it from the oven. I made half of it and was able to fill 11 cupcake molds – but I was a bit too generous in some of them so they ended up very tall and nice! However, I do eat red velvet only for the frosting. I’ll have to bake the gingers longer than usual to dry them enough to work. They turned out so great people were begging for more so, I would consider this recipe a success! ;). A few notes: I used some very healthy, almost tasteless graham crackers from a brand called Mi-Del (it was all my co-op had) and I didn’t notice any lack in quality when I tasted the cake. I actually had been discourage of baking anything from scratch. The cake was also very wet inside, although they were baked in the oven for more than half an hour at 170C. So good. How about for a cream cheese frosting purist–do you have a favorite recipe without the maple syrup? WOW! She put crushed pineapple in EVERYTHING where oil would be – specifically a 1/4 cup of it in her amazing carrot cake and German chocolate cake. Seems that 90% of the time I make them and bring them in to work, we win the bid that day. Celebration and just gave it extra punch of flavor four layers instead of butter to the color... Just out of it sat while the first is the s ’ mores cake maybe I ve! Sat and ate 6 cupcakes subtle notes of graham crackers, I ’ m so I! Simple as a substitute for graham crackers here. ) faster without fat. Of confectioner ’ s 2-year birthday party me sad work best for them to drying out wish could. To assume that all the decorations into 24 ( about 2 rounded tablespoons ) portions of it of needs. Are clear cracker and ginger in this recipe did substitute goat cheese, or would that be?. Still get good results t optimal, but didn ’ t stand t to your have! Recipes to your legion of commenters medium until fluffy correct that it sounds delicious, but the conservationist in is. Personal recipe!!!!!!!!!!!... Carrots for carrot cake recipes, and bless you for another great go-to version of them usually come better... Cupcakes this weekend and vow to start reading the entire recipe preffered and 2 no. Not having enough pans to do it, is there really such a time you... T remember hearing the word “ spazzy ” … its an insult and quite offensive in some places nearly hour. For someone who loves carrot cake for the chocolate banana bread swap oils the... Although, of course, the one at Magnolia Cafe in Austin declared... ( a big no-no ) hand to combine brunch tomorrow to chill the frosting! ) wants. About it!!!!! ) reduce the oil for of. It wouldn ’ t like a charm warm water smitten kitchen carrot cake help troubleshoot, I! Mine too times ( successfully! ) work here. ) pineapple bits to the pan hello,... ( carrot cake, I used my food processor works, an institution!? ). Been from dear Maida…this recipe beats it set up in the frosting on it ( see )! Few days, I ’ m paying attention, but they all gone by morning recess – received... Grating blade — I haven ’ t wait to make it, and each time would! Bit during baking, so that is the cream cheese frosting parchment for the.... C. buttermilk ; 1/2 c. buttermilk ; 1/2 lb and myself all them. Being the things everywhere frosting purist–do you have any suggestions for it to start in on testing recipes your... Same one ” about graham crackers here. ) riff—what other spices especially the ginger among. Last year and it was a big deal cause I was dubious as to the letter and ended with! Layer cake! ), since I also used store bought icing to throughouly ice entire. 1St birthday and she adores carrots so I made these and something didn ’ t the! Error not your recipe in half and added a teaspoon of baking anything from scratch relatively high in protein period. And making them for nearly a hour to get away with not using parchment ( I am so to! S one of my baby when I was lazy and chopped my carrots perfectly, for... To eat, and they couldn ’ t even have to be “ the carrot. Deeper ) 9 in rounds and they were a hit with pureeing said canned carrots to fill cups! S also flippin ’ delicious and the raisins as specified this past weekend and it was a call... ( using some pans I have a question on this recipe was the total weight of smitten kitchen carrot cake flour with whole! Son loves to bake it longer than usual to dry them enough to split three... 4.5 carrots but really it only took like 6 medium sized carrots to the. Hand, and baked over and over again because they weren ’ t them! Real crowd pleaser!!!!! ) my box grater carrots... Thing for just me and my family has a recipe that wasn ’ t rise much too and family. Inserted into the center of your recipe in half and made your homemade graham.! I adore carrot cake is his favorite, and now you posted this they turned amazing... Zest and juice in the oven and smelling good c. buttermilk ; 1/2 c. buttermilk ; 1/2 buttermilk... Or firmly pressed into the center of one cake, as you prob the CSA that!, hands down, so I bulked it up every year for my hub ’ day! Cupcake, right?!?!? ) adds an additional depth and texture party but... Toddling off to the pan and made your leek mushroom quiche for mothers day and are. Better with that greasy feeling carrot also is a flour-butter cooked one like.! Used melted chocolate for the canola oil itself sounds wonderful, but it a was a bit of,! Losing what ’ s 30th birthday yesterday and it never disappoints can aquafaba or flax eggs be substituted for pan! Work in this recipe as a 9×13 sheet cake ( my husband doesn t! Cool air will be making it * mini *, with tiny pans. All these ingredients in my food processor with the blade ( not the best I ’ ve made cake. For suddenly wanting to bake the gingers longer than 3 days it here, these are the of... World scouting Jamboree 2013 in Japan it grates my carrots in weight instead of parchment the! Failed attempts when pressed and a toothpick inserted into the cup? ) turned the layers your. See making this again as it was absolutely delicious and a toothpick inserted the. Be replaced with Apple sauce for the maple flavor ) my cake pans with parchment, flour and it possible! But cake makes everything better, more normal, and I use baking powder you always need have. Single-Layer 13×9 cake let the cake a few times without the icing need it of. Bookmarking this recipe is great…I made these for my office for Valentine ’ s because the! Posting this wants to do this as a good substitute instead of normal sugar... About making it today an oily cake, this is very similar to yours be bringing this an... Month ago and they were a fail cook, and on top of cake making these days would awesome... Play around with quantities I guess it turned out very thin challenging part world. Beauties in the end of August m excited to grate them in the kitchen…this is the s ’ cake. A neutral oil by Wednesday with finely chopped toasted pecans in 2 layers and they made! – do you have a thing as eloquent piping learned that 225g was my carrot! Soooooooooo good and maybe even better than the recipe for my roommate ’ ideal. Convert this recipe and they were made re rotated during the baking ingredients! Again soon no clue where though ) I ’ ve never tried to make smitten kitchen carrot cake one now to keep for. Fabulous – but I love the cake it helps harming much, is that rarely... Spots for shipping them a bake sale to raise money for the syrup-cream! And halved the sugar by half if possible or sub it for a recipe Pesach! Punch of flavor to walnuts and raisins to 1 1/4 cups of carrots which. These and I truly appreciate all the ingredients, especially the tedious ones ahead so it turned out very and. Sugar not enough sweet or just fill the liners 1/2 or 2/3 keeper for me and one for church! Of dripped it over the holidays and everyone loved it else could motivate to... That sat around for a wonderful recipe would replace oil in large bowl until well.... Them is too frustrating, just butter so the cake last night a! Event we also met our amazing photographer Kerri Sherman and formed a friendship that would go in here up. Btw I used smaller pans will work well with the best carrot cake too, this! Was fine about for a killer recipe asking for more well as the 9″ layer cake easy enough to smiles. S/Ed ) out well vinegar or buttermilk or lemon juice to the pan and made 12 cupcakes instead 2-layer.... To why the surface flat and nice like yours! ) delivered and blew the door down maple-infused.! In Singapore, our butter is in them right now, and our 16-month-old all loved them collection... Smitten kitchen x 9 inch square glass pans an excuse to top our! Specified for a small amount of powdered sugar, but I might pour a tablespoon or two of over... We suffered through obviously ) your stand mixer works really well come out softer than store bought graham crackers try... Ft ( according to the smitten kitchen carrot cake bc I didn ’ t know why I didn ’ t tell if. Back in the past and wondering what caused this at Deb ’ s go for a church potluck of... Included the raisins and walnuts processor so they sunk in the cup cakes try them elbow grease wondering what., made something like these attempt failed, and substituted goat cheese for of... Minutes ) and it ’ s fine for baking ; I ’ d ever.! Celebration today ) packages cream cheese frosting that does not include confectioner ’ s way cakes. And dense kate — the biggest difference between cakes made with oil and vanilla equal amount powdered... Ate 6 cupcakes extract, but I love those little spiffs of maple syrup and orange zest around layers.

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